Undergrad to Grad

Raien with fish
Holding a small canary rockfish caught by the microtroller on the R/V Zephyr, soon to be released.

Now a graduate student in Dr. Hart’s Forest Dynamics Lab, I was an Ernest F. Hollings Scholar 2018-2020. This is an undergraduate scholarship program funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that provides funding for juniors and seniors and includes a ten-week paid internship at one of the NOAA sites the summer between. The Hollings program was an incredible experience for me, as I spent the summer of 2019 fishing for juvenile Chinook salmon along the Washington coast and analyzing salmon otoliths in Seattle. At the end of the internship, the program hosts a symposium for all Hollings scholars at NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, where we present our summer research. Topics range anywhere from weather and climate, to fisheries, to anthropogenic impacts on the earth. Additionally, the Hollings program provides funding to attend up to two conferences to present your research. Through this program, I was able to delve into a completely different field of research, obtain experience working in a federal research facility, and network with peers and mentors from all across the United States.

Raien Emery extracting
Extracting otoliths from collected Chinook salmon to prepare for trace chemical analysis.

Beyond that, I also enjoyed my time in the Pacific Northwest, from the ocean to the mountains. The monetary value of this program, including multiple all-expenses paid trips, is likely around $40,000, though the research experience, networking opportunities, and fun you’ll have along the way make it worth much more. If you are interested in pursuing research related to the ocean or atmosphere, I could not recommend this program more! You must apply as a sophomore (or with two-years of your undergraduate degree remaining) by end of January 2021. Follow the link here for more information and do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Raien on a boat.
Setting up the microtroller we used to target juvenile Chinook salmon on the R/V Sailfin off the coast of Washington near Westport.