NREC Concentration

The Environmental Science Program offers an optional concentration in Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation (NREC). The NREC concentration is designed to allow students specifically interested in natural resources conservation to follow a more narrowly focused curriculum. This curriculum includes a structured general education course framework to ensure all NREC students have a solid foundation in ecological and earth surface processes, data collection and analysis, ethics, and communication skills.

The upper-level curriculum includes general and thematic management, ecology, and techniques courses. Students may choose upper-level elective classes based on specific interests in natural resources management. The curriculum includes courses that have field and lab components and students have the option to earn credit through internships, research experiences, and field courses.

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Students are instructed by a river

Required Core Courses:

  • Principles of Biology I and II (BSC 114-115 and 116-117)
  • Ecology and Evolution (BSC 385)
  • General Chemistry I and II (CH 101 and CH 102)
  • Atmospheric Processes and Patterns (GY 101)
  • Earth Surface Processes (GY 102) or Dynamic Earth (GEO 101)
  • Sustainable Earth (GEO 105)
  • Map and Air Photo Interpretation (GY 204)
  • Introduction to GIS (GY 430) or Remote Sensing I (GY 420)
  • Statistical Data Analysis (ST 260) or Elementary Statistical Methods (PY 211)
  • Introduction to Ethics (PHL 292)
  • Public Speaking (COM 123)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (EC 110)
  • Technical Writing (EN 319)
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Planning (GY 339)

General Management and Planning Course:

  • Students select one

Thematic Management and Planning Courses:

  • Students select two

Measurements Course:

  • Students select one

Ecological  Processes Courses:

  • Students select two

Earth Surface Processes Course:

  • Students select one

For more information on course numbers and credit, see the official course catalog.